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Aircraft Maintenance Cost EstimatorVN150MaintenanceBournemouthFull-Time31 Jan 2020
Airworthiness Co-OrdinatorVN153Europe Air FunctionsFarnborough HQFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B1 Licensed EngineerVN145MaintenanceClient SiteFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B1 Licensed Engineer - DoncasterVN147MaintenanceDoncasterFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B1 Licensed Engineer - Jet ExperienceVN141Maintenance - JetsBournemouthFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B1 Licensed Engineer Turboprop ExperienceVN140Maintenance - TurbopropsBournemouthFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B2 Licensed EngineerVN146MaintenanceClient SiteFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B2 Licensed Engineer - DoncasterVN148MaintenanceDoncasterFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B2 Licensed Engineer Jet ExperienceVN142Maintenance - JetsBournemouthFull-Time27 Dec 2019
B2 Licensed Engineer Turbo Prop experienceVN144Maintenance - TurbopropsBournemouthFull-Time27 Dec 2019
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